Some ways to preserve converse shoes that you did not know

A good converse durable shoes in addition to good material has the right storage factor or not. will suggest some ways to preserve converse shoes properly that you may not know.

Some ways to preserve converse shoes that you did not know

Converse shoes are not only to protect the legs but also to help us express our aesthetic and personal fashion style. Your shoes will always be durable with time if you know how to apply some ways to preserve converse properly that guides below.

1. Store converse shoes when not in the shoe box. This will keep them in the best condition.

2. Put paper inside your converse shoes to maintain the shape of the shoes.

3. To remove stains on converse canvas shoes, you need to use a brush with soap soaked to gently brush on the surface of the shoe.

4. Mix the lemon and water mixture in 50/50 ratio, use a soft cloth to absorb the solution to clean the converse shoes with leather. The acidity in lemons will clean stains and remove them quickly

5. Use a soft cloth moistened with a little olive oil and wipe gently across the surface of the leather converse shoe. This makes your leather converse shoes shiny.

6. Do not dry your shoes in the sun, you should dry shoes in a cool air to shoes can dry naturally.

7. Say no to detergents when washing your shoes if you want your converse shoes to be durable. The chemicals that affect the surface of the shoe will cause the skin to wrinkle, losing the shape of the shoe. This is also the best way to preserve converse shoes you need to know.

8. To keep durability, you should use converse shoes depending on the environment and circumstances. Avoid regular use of a pair of shoes that will quickly damage the shoe.

9. When converse shoes are soaked, you should not use the dryer or exposure to direct sunlight, only in a cool place.

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