The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

Leather handbags are expensive fashion accessories, if you do not know how to clean, store the bag very quickly fades, explodes and peels skin.

Surely every girl owns at least one leather bag, but not sure how to clean the leather bag properly?

The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

Leather handbags made from many different leather materials such as synthetic leather or natural leather. To own a leather handbag, you have to spend a decent amount of money. So always try to preserve them and keep them clean to be worthy of the money you spend.

You can refer to some tips for cleaning leather bags that height shoes collected from experts.

1. How to clean leather bag with warm water

The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

Similar to the way to clean leather, for leather bags, you should not wash directly with soap that will quickly damage the skin surface. Ideally, use only a mild amount of mild soap mixed with warm water. Then use a soft cotton cloth dipped in this solution and gently wipe on the surface of the bag. This method helps you keep the bag durable but also helps the leather bag become clean and shiny.

2. When cleaning leather bags, do not use wet towels

Many women often use baby wipes to clean their leather bags because of the convenience they have. However, in wet tissues that contain many chemicals, it is easy to discolor the bag, the outer skin is dry, the skin explodes, so it is best to use a normal moist towel to clean.

3. Dirty leather bags should be cleaned immediately

The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

When the bag is soiled, you need to clean immediately, simply because the stain has not yet penetrated the skin surface. Immediately treat stains with specialized stain remover products for leather. If you apply regular cleaning methods, it will be difficult to remove.

4. Should wipe the bag vertically

Many women often have a habit of wiping their pockets horizontally. However, it is best to wipe the bag vertically to avoid damaging the leather surface of the bag.

5. Preserving bags by stuffing

The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

Surely when you go to buy bags, you always wonder what stores they stuffed inside the bag for? Simply to keep the shape of leather handbags. You can apply this tip to store bags at home.

6. Do not use water to remove grease

If your bag is unfortunately greasy, use a soft cloth to dry it gradually, not water to wipe it as it will damage the surface of the outer skin.

7. Before using a hygienic method, it is recommended to try first on a small area of ​​skin

Because there are so many effective ways to clean leather, so to ensure the safety of the bag, you should try hygiene measures on a small skin first. If it fits, apply it on the entire surface of the bag. This way it is safe for bags that do not worry about being damaged with different cleaning methods.

8. Limit leather bags to sunlight

Best not to put the bag directly in the sun can cause rapid damage to leather material. You can store the leather bag in a plastic bag before storing and preserving it.

9. Create a new look for leather bags with shoe polish

You should only use shoe polish that matches the color of the bag. Note only use a small amount of small poker to rub on the dirty area only.

10. Use baking soda to deodorize a bag

The secret to cleaning a leather bag is shiny

When you first buy a leather bag, it often smells unpleasant. You can deodorize your bag with baking soda powder because it smells of sweat very well.

Hopefully the tips above that LinhKent collected will help your luxurious bag be durable. I wish you all the successful ways to clean this simple leather bag.

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