Tips to expand tight shoes quickly and effectively

If unfortunately you were given a pair of shoes but got tight, what would you do? Don't rush to throw those tight shoes in a corner, try the tips below so you don't have to suffer from foot pain or waste your shoes when you can't use them.

How to extend shoes with fabric or soft leather by the impact of heat or change the elasticity of the shoe material with some familiar items available at home.

1. Use a dryer to extend shoes

One good way to expand tight shoes is to use the heat from a hair dryer. But because most shoes use glue, you need to be careful with the direct heat that will damage the surface of the leather.

Use a dryer to extend shoes

Method: First, put one or a few socks on your feet (depending on the tightness of the shoe) and then put on the shoes. Then use a hot dryer around the shoe. Be careful to keep the dryer at a reasonable distance to avoid damaging the leather. Allow the shoes to heat up, repeat 4 to 5 times, then put on the socks and try them on. If the shoes are still tight, you can do so a few times until you feel comfortable and comfortable. After you finish, you should apply a layer of vaseline to prevent the shoes from drying out due to drying. This is also the best way to expand shoes that many people apply.

2. How to extend shoes with ice

How to expand this simple shoe, you just need to pour water into 2 plastic bags and sealed. Put these water bags in your shoes, adjust the water bag where you want to expand. Take care to use a sturdy bag so that the water in the bag does not leak and easily damages the shoes.

How to extend shoes with ice

Continue putting shoes in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to let water freeze to ice. When the water in the bag freezes, it acts like a mold, loosening your shoes. Leave it for about a day, then take your shoes out of the fridge and take out the ice pack, try to see if the shoes are wider. If you are not satisfied, you can repeat the above process once. Note that this method should not be used with expensive shoes that will reduce the life of shoes.

3. Extend your shoes by wearing indoor shoes

Extend your shoes by wearing indoor shoes

The effective way to expand shoes is to regularly wear them around the house, especially newly purchased shoes because the hard leather shoes will make your foot hurt. This will widen the shoes and increase the elasticity of your shoes. Remember, walking for a while, not too long will cause your feet to swell and hurt.

4. Use wooden shoe molding to widen the shoe

Use wooden shoe molding to widen the shoe

Wooden shoe moldings are often available at shoe stores and you can use them to extend your shoes. You use wooden molds that are the size of your feet, both length and width, then put them inside the shoes. This is a quick way to widen the shoe.

5. Use potato loosen shoes

Use potato loosen shoes

Potatoes have a lot of effects, not only used to beautify the skin but also help to expand your shoes. You only need to slip the peeled potatoes to fit into the shoes, when the skin of the shoes in contact with the potatoes becomes softer and helps to expand easily. Alternatively, you could stuff a wet newspaper inside the shoe instead.

6. Use 90-degree alcohol to extend genuine leather shoes

Use 90-degree alcohol to extend genuine leather shoes

You may not know 90-degree alcohol can extend shoes with genuine leather easily. You should apply alcohol to the inside of leather shoes and let alcohol soak into the shoes, waiting for the shoes to expand. You do the same process until you extend the shoe to your feet. Also, don't worry about the alcohol sticking to your feet because the alcohol is very quick to dry. With this shoe extension, the quality of your shoes is not affected and the leather is not dry.

Storage of shoes is also important to keep your shoes from getting smaller

Shoes are subject to a lot of ambient influences. So you need to store when not in use. Places with a lot of moisture will cause the shoes to shrink, so shoe stores and vendors often store shoes by putting desiccant packages inside to keep the shoes dry. You can also apply that to your shoes at home.

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