Tips find fake Nike shoes before you order

Detect fake Nike shoes right on the photo

Before ordering online, you need to be aware of the sales website to see if the reviews about this site are good.

Especially avoid sellers who use photos of other people's shoes or photos online.



Do not believe the offers as this is a custom shoe model, a little sample because genuine Nike shoes only size 9,10,11 for men and 7 for women, size 3.5 for children.

Avoid buying shoes that are much cheaper than the listed prices.

Older Nike shoe models are almost never sized. If you find a website that sells hundreds of older Nike models, they are probably fake.

If you buy Nike shoes online, buy them at its official website.


Detect fake shoes in real life

Most fake shoes are only wrapped in a layer of plastic bags and genuine Nike shoes always have genuine containers.


The fake, fake Nike shoebox box is hand-glued, which is not as sturdy as a genuine box.

Genuine Nike shoes are always softer because they are made from genuine leather, not artificial leather-like fake shoes.

Pay attention to how the shoelaces, the real shoes are all lacing and the fake shoes are usually not laced at the strap.


Each genuine shoe has the same SKU code as the code on the box. If there is no code or code on the shoes and the box is different then it's a fake shoe.

Check the label in the shoe. Usually, the place where the fake shoes are usually labeled is obsolete. For example, fake shoe labels say shoes were designed in 2008 but real shoes were made in 2010.


When trying on shoes, fake shoes cannot stretch as well as real shoes because genuine Nike shoe soles are made of 1000 rubber threads. Even fake shoes do not have standard sizes, often smaller than ½ compared to standard sizes and often have pointed toe shoes than real shoes.

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