Proper hygiene and storage of sports shoes

Proper hygiene and storage of sports shoes

Hygiene and storage of sports shoes is one of the essential things to keep your shoes clean and durable. Here would like to introduce to readers the hygiene and storage experience for your beloved shoes.

Everyone knows that shoes are an indispensable accessory for sport lovers. Similar to clothing, sports shoes also need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the best use state, while ensuring cleanliness and safety for the wearer.
Are you interested in running when you have to wear your feet in a smelly black shoes? Definitely not. On the contrary, a new, fragrant new shoes will help you more excited when walking on the road. Refer to the tips below to know how to keep your favorite shoes clean as new.

Proper hygiene and storage of sports shoes

How often do sports shoes need to be cleaned?
Certainly this is the most frequently asked question when it comes to footwear hygiene. Need to distinguish between: cleaning shoes and cleaning shoes.
For shoe washing, there are usually two schools: laundry (regular washing) and bored (very rarely). So how often is the washing frequency correct?
Sorry, I don't have the correct answer. My experience is cleaning shoes once a month, and just washing my hands. Haven't seen any shoes that have a problem, are still delicious and serve themselves well. Normally I use it in the gym so my shoes are rarely dirty, so I don't need to wash them often. But if you run a trail or a muddy road, wash more often to avoid shoes that get moldy and cause scabies.

In addition, you can clean shoes every day if you like. You can use a soft bristle brush and light brush on the surface of the shoe to get rid of dirt on the shoe after each run. This will ensure that the shoe is always as clean as new without worrying about breaking out, when the shoes are washed.

Proper hygiene and storage of sports shoes

How to clean and preserve sports shoes

When cleaning and storing shoes, the most important thing is how not to affect the quality of shoes. Some tips for washing your shoes:

If your sports shoes come with cleaning instructions, be sure to read the directions carefully before use.

Proper hygiene and storage of sports shoes

How to preserve sports shoes

If you have more than one pair of sneakers (like yourself), storing shoes is also a problem. Here are some of my shoe preservation experiences

Wearing only sports shoes when exercising

If you have a habit of jogging in the morning before going to work, always bring 2 pairs of shoes: one for running and one for work. As soon as you finish running, you need to give your shoes time to rest, do not torture it throughout the day. I often take some old running shoes as work shoes, every time I go to run at Reunification Palace, I bring two pairs: one old, one new.

Do not leave shoes in very hot or very cold places

Shoes do not like the temperature is too high or too low. In hot countries, do not leave shoes in direct sunlight and in cold countries, do not throw shoes in a cold warehouse. You should buy a separate closet to store shoes, both safe and neat.

Wear shoes and remove shoes properly

Many of you have a habit of putting on your shoes and removing your shoes without adjusting the laces. This habit will deform the heel of the shoe, and affect the grip of the shoe. Remember to remove the strap every time you wear shoes and put on your shoes.

Wish you will always have the durable sports shoes!


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