Preserve leather shoes after rain. Hard or easy?

The rainy season is always an obsession for all fashion followers. With fashionable items such as pants, shirts, washing and storage during the rainy season is already a nightmare. So with a very hydrophobic material like leather shoes, how horrible would this nightmare be? Please remember the following to make it easier to preserve leather shoes after rain.

Preserve leather shoes after rain. Hard or easy?

The handling of leather shoes after rain is very important. This will determine the life of your shoes and the quality of your shoes. If the processing is not done quickly, it is likely that your shoes will be glued, or worse, the skin will be moldy, deteriorated, etc.
The first thing to do?
The first thing you need to do when you want to save your shoes is to remove them immediately. Remove shoelaces from shoes as well as pads (if possible).

This is the most important step in handling wet shoes.

Quickly grab a tissue paper, tucked deep into the shoe, to remove water from the skin. Note, avoid using printed paper because it is possible that ink will spread to the shoe leather.

It is also possible to dehumidify using rice. Rice has a very good natural hygroscopic effect. Put your shoes in a sealed container, then fill the box with rice.

Depending on the moisture of your shoes, change rice as well as changing the paper by the hour!

Dry shoes
After dehumidification, dry shoes in front of fans or naturally. Avoid exposing your shoes to sunlight or using the dryer.

Do not use shoes within 2 days.

Note: Do not dry shoes under fire, or use a direct dryer to dry shoes quickly (the skin will be peeled, blistered, blistered)

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