How to clean your favorite Nike's shoes

Nike's shoes, eye-catching designs, that have many young people choose. We can be said that for young people who love shoe fashion, owning a pair of Nike shoes is easy to understand.


Washing Nike's Shoes


Because of the high-quality leather and fabric material, Nike shoes do not encourage a good method of washing shoes. But what if the shoes are dirty? That's why I will show you some ways to properly wash your Nike shoes so that you can keep your shoes the longest.


When dirty Nike shoes do the following:

Use a soft-bristle brush or a soft and thin cloth. Use a little warm water diluted with a little detergent. Using a soft-bristle brush or a soft cloth dipped in diluted laundry detergent, rub gently on the soiled area of the Nike shoes. If the stub stains are stubborn, use a little stronger scrub to scatter away from the stains.

Washing Nike's Shoes

After cleaning the stains on the shoes, wear shoes to dry, remember to dry your shoes in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight otherwise the shoes will be silver, quickly damaged.

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