Shoe and foot odor makes you lose confidence when communicating. Let's effectively deodorize with the following!

On the wedding day, the groom must not only care for costumes and hair, but accessories such as watches and shoes must also be given special attention. How does the shoe fit and do you have a pair of shoes to play as the groom or guest for the wedding?

Filled with the summer atmosphere, also responded with cheap models of office shoes for customers.

A good converse shoes durable besides good material also due to proper maintenance or not. LinhKent suggests some ways to properly store converse shoes that you may not know

Men's suits are becoming more diverse in color and style. Each different vest style has different coordination styles. Monochrome men's suits, how should men's suits be coordinated for caste and fashion? So how to help men combine fashionable and stylish men's suits with plaid men's suits?

Leather handbags are expensive fashion accessories, if you do not know how to clean, store the bag very quickly fades, explodes and peels skin.

If unfortunately you were given a pair of shoes but got tight, what would you do? Don't rush to throw those tight shoes in a corner, try the following tips to avoid foot pain or waste of shoes when you can't use them.

Nike shoes are very popular, so they are often fake. If not careful, you can buy fake Nike shoes for genuine shoes. To protect yourself from pickpockets, follow these steps

The guide to properly washing Nike shoes to keep your favorite shoes longer ever ...